A Resonatintg Sound with Audiophile Bookshelf Speakers

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Electronics

A bookshelf is not only for books anymore. People have been using bookshelfs as general storage areas for years, and the height of the shelf and capacity for storage is alluring for some new experimentation. It is arguably the height that is most appealing. A full on stereo system benefits from having multiple sounds coming from multiple angles and distances. A stereo system is designed to channel different volumes and mixes from different speakers. For example, a subwoofer is designed to appease the bass rhythms. This is why it always belongs low to the ground to enhance that pulsating sensation. But the percussion and small audiophile bookshelf speakers belong high up in the air. This is to help with the depth of sound. It is no coincidence that drum sets are usually elevated at a large concert hall, and the percussion has a higher ring to it.

When establishing a stereo system, accessory speakers belong high up. It gives a percussive distance to the sound that is quite appealing and revolutionary. These speakers are usually smaller in size, which perfectly fits with them being elevated onto a small little space. But this is only for audiophiles. Casual music listeners often ignore the dynamics of a quality sound system. They are happy to hear the wailing folksy voice of Bob Dylan without being concerned over the percussive quality of Highway 61 Revisited. A David Bowie album often has exceptional drumming and sound, but that is not a concern to the fan of his disco era.

The point is, quality sound isn’t for everyone- but it should be. A great sound system set up can really bring vitality to an artist’s catalog of music. It rarely matters what genre the person is a fan of, as even the aforementioned disco genre can benefit from some stereo mixing and breadth of sound. A great sound system is like a drum kit. Each respective part is designed to create a full sound, and it truly makes the music spring to life in the most wonderful ways. Audiophile bookshelf speakers are just one component of this full system, but it is underused.

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