Resolving Airflow Problems With Air Conditioning Systems in Toledo, OH

Even a relatively small home can have unbalanced heating and cooling from a central system. Technicians who install, maintain and repair air conditioning systems in Toledo, OH, can provide tips on how to create better ventilation balance in the home. In some cases, having them add another duct pipe and register solves the problem.

System Design Issues

A technician who works on air conditioning systems in Toledo, OH, may suspect that the design of the system is a problem. The airflow to each room can be evaluated and a decision made about modifications.

Original system design can become a problem when the indoor equipment has been moved to a different location. This is uncommon, but it can happen when homeowners have a basement and addition constructed on a house that originally did not have a basement. They often want new furnace and air exchanger installation in the basement to replace the upstairs equipment. The furnace and central air conditioner use the same air exchanger. The indoor equipment now may be less centrally located than it was before, making the original ductwork design less effective.

Incorrect System Usage

In other cases, the household has disrupted the airflow balance. A common example would be closing a vent to an unused room and keeping the door closed. The air continues to travel from the appliance to the vent and essentially is stuck in the pipe. The system’s design is correct, but the household is using it incorrectly. Air balance problems can be resolved by workers with A-1 Heating & Improvement Co. Visit for more information!

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