Customized Double Iron Doors Provides Your Home with Beauty and Security

When you are ready to remodel your home or upgrade certain particular home finishing, consider the wrought iron front door. You might wonder what makes the wrought iron so special? You may understand the simple construction and durability of iron ore. Wrought iron, however, is reinforced steel which is made extra strong and durable through the simple process of forging rather than the traditional means of casting iron. Since wrought iron has a lower carbon content that the cast iron, it has a beautiful grain-like finish. Iron Doors Unlimited provides such customized doors.

The History of Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron originally comes from the East in the region now known as Turkey. Craftsmen discovered wrought iron in the second century BCE. Since that time, artisans created weapons of war, tools and other hardware from wrought iron. Eventually, wrought iron became the metal of choice instead of bronze because of its durability. Whereas wrought iron has a lower carbon content than traditional cast iron, it is easily malleable and resistant to rust.

Custom Iron Doors

Increase your home’s value and curb appeal with double iron doors. Blacksmiths mold wrought iron into the exquisitely designed custom iron doors to bring beauty to your home. You can install custom iron doors for the front porch of your home or to replace the back patio door.

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