Reducing Pain With Laser Spine Surgery

Back pain, especially when it becomes chronic, is a devastating condition to have to live with. Back pain is linked to depression, sleep problems, changes in mood, problems with concentration as well as overall reduction in quality of life and health. Laser spine surgery for back pain suffers may be a new way to treat the condition that is causing the pain and restore their life to normal.

Typically chronic pain and not acute pain is treated using lasers. Acute pain is short in duration and is often associated with some type of trauma, accident or injury that involves the back and spine. Chronic pain in the back can be associated with a variety of conditions including problems with the discs or degeneration of the vertebrae due to injury or illness. Prior to the advancement of medicine to include laser spine surgery, patients with these conditions only had the option to undergo long, difficult surgeries that included significant sized incisions, months of recovery, and increased risk of infection and scarring during recovery.

The alternative to this is now available in the form of laser spine surgery. Stockbridge, GA doctors that specialize in this treatment are able to use laser technology to use only small incisions to allow a tiny endoscope to be inserted to view the spine. There is limited damage or trauma to the tissue surrounding the area of the spine that is repaired, deceasing pain, scaring and the risk of infection.

The actuallaser spine surgery by Stockbridge, GA spine specialists allows the doctor to remove the nerve endings that are signaling pain to the brain. They will also work to restore normal functioning of the affected area of the spine if possible. In some cases this means using the laser to change the shape, size and areas of contact between the discs in the spine. Eliminating the malformation or damage to the disc relieves the pressure on the spinal cord and stops the pain very effectively. The laser allows the surgeon to pinpoint with extreme accuracy just the area of the disc or the space between the discs that needs to be corrected.

Laser spine surgery by Stockbridge, GA specialists is not the answer for every type of back pain. It is important to talk to a specialist and discuss your options to determine the best treatment to eliminate or reduce any back pain you may be experiencing.

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