Recover from a computer virus

Rule one in computing is that you have antivirus program and it is kept up to date. It is amazing how quickly people who write a virus can find a hole in a piece of software and exploit it.

Even though you may be particular about keeping your defense against viruses secure, there are times when a virus can still slip through. Perhaps a scheduled update failed or maybe the company that produced your antivirus software upgraded the program but you didn’t. Once an upgraded version of software becomes available it does not take long for the program you have installed to cease getting updated. Perhaps you simply ignored the message that an update is available. It really doesn’t matter what went wrong, what matters is that you have been attacked by a virus.

If this is the case you can immediately call for computer repair on Long Island or you can attempt to remove the virus on your own. If you decide to take a shot at removing it, what steps do you have to take?

If your antivirus program is not up to date, update it immediately. Most antivirus software will quarantine and remove a virus once it has been detected, however if the virus is a boot sector virus you may not get away so easy.

The first thing to do is to disconnect the physical cables that connect the infected computer to the network and the internet. By physically disconnecting you are eliminating the possibility of your computer infecting others on your own network or infecting internet users that are totally oblivious. Many viruses attach themselves to your email address book and send out a piece of email to everyone on your list, of course the email carries the virus; you can guard against this by disconnecting.

Now that you are isolated from any network you can begin computer repair on Long island. Run the updated antivirus program; follow every prompt as they appear. With luck, you will have eliminated the virus but to make sure, reconnect to the internet and check to see if there are any further virus definitions available, if there is, update and scan again, this will act as a final road block and trap anything that has got through while you were running the original scan.

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