Convenient access options

Having installed a loading platform, how do you get your employees access to the tanker in safety? The tankers have different heights and widths and the height will also drop as the tanker is filled. The answer to this is by incorporating folding stairs.


Folding stairs have been designed with safety in mind. The final design is suited to your needs. The basics start with self leveling and the bespoke deluxe versions can be built to accommodate all your needs. There are a multitude of versions in between with safety cages, wide cages and power kits. It all starts from the initial site survey and the customer’s input as to exactly what they require. The design can be simple or complex, large or small, it’s all about safety.

Shape and Style

Folding stairs can be as small as having two steps, no bigger than the ones you can have in your own house, but industrial ones are more robust, stronger and made to far higher specifications.

For tanker operations, folding stairways can have a cage, wide cage, be powered or even multi leveled. Track mount stairs can be used for multi point access from the same gantry using maintenance free bearings. Road blocks are used to ensure the tanker is correctly positioned and interlock systems are engaged in order that the tanker does not drive off until the operation is finished.

Further examples of these stairs can be seen at airports for access to the tail plane or to wash the windows. They are also used as the access stands to the ground in order to load and unload cargo and luggage and where passengers can embark or disembark if the aircraft is not parked at a terminal gate in the main airport. More folding stairs are found at maintenance bay’s for helicopters.

The really big units are found at ports and docks and are used to move large quantities of cargo from bulk carriers. No matter what the size of the stairways, they have been built with not only safety in mind but with a view that everything should be easily maintained.


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