Rebuilt Transmissions Can Keep Your Car Running Efficiently

One of the biggest blows you could experience when it comes to your vehicle is finding out that your transmission is shot. The transmission is one complicated mechanical system that features critical parts. Fortunately, rebuilding your transmission can help the unit to run like new, if not better, without your having to replace every single part. When rebuilt transmissions are up-to-code, they can keep your vehicle moving in the right direction.

How Rebuilding a Transmission Works
If it’s determined that your transmission needs to be rebuilt, the unit will be removed from your car and totally disassembled. All parts are inspected for damage and wear; they then are cleaned or replaced, depending on their condition. Gaskets and seals along with clutches and bands are also replaced. Furthermore, the transmission rebuilder will check to see if the vehicle manufacturer has recommended any modifications for the purpose of correcting design defects discovered after your transmission was created.

Importance of Rebuilding a Transmission
Rebuilt transmissions are popular among vehicle owners today because they allow you avoid having to pay to replace a worn-out or damaged transmission with a brand new one. Totally new transmissions could be just as expensive as a completely new engine. In addition, having your transmission rebuilt isn’t necessarily time-consuming; it takes just three to five days to have the rebuild completed. If you wanted to get a totally new transmission, you can expect your car to be unusable for more than a week, based on how rapidly the new part can be ordered and shipped.

Significance of a Transmission
Your vehicle’s transmission is important for transmitting power from the engine to your car’s drive axle, which enables the wheels to drive your automobile. Having your transmission rebuilt essentially allows your vehicle to run at its optimum. If the rebuild is done inclusively and thoroughly, you can expect to use the transmission for thousands more miles and even for as long as the vehicle lasts in some instances. It’s critical that the transmission service company you choose is high-quality and that the parts used in the rebuild are high-standard, as this helps to extend your rebuilt transmission’s life.

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