Questions To Ask When You Walk Into A Carpet Store In Chicago

If you have never bought carpeting before, you may be totally overwhelmed at the number of choices available to you as well as the wide range of prices.  It is good to have a plan of attack in mind before you go into any carpet store in Chicago because you want to be in control of the situation, not just turn yourself over to a salesman.  Most salesman are completely honest and really want to do the best for you as their customer so it is never bad to solicit their opinions or take their advice, but all too often you may not be pleased with the results.

First of all, you should consider what room you are going to be carpeting.  The best types of carpet for a basement family room are going to be quite different in most cases from the best types of carpet for a master bedroom suite or a child’s bedroom.  You also need to consider your family.  If you have small infants or young children who are going to be expected to do a lot of damage to your carpet over the next few years, then obviously you will make different carpeting choices than you would if you have one teenager at home who will be moving out in a year for college.  Although the people at the carpet store in Chicago will likely ask you how many people will be using the room and what you will be using it for, it is never a bad idea to consider this beforehand.

So, you want to ask the salesman at the carpet store in Chicago about different materials and designs and how well they stand up to wear and tear.  There are certainly carpets that show almost no wear at all, even over long periods of time because they have a very tight weave.  There are others that show every footprint because they are very plush and designed to be almost more like showpieces than carpet.  You also want to ask about how much dirt or dust each carpet will show.  Surprisingly enough, a very dark carpet will show dirt just like a lighter one.  The contrast of the stuff on the carpet against whatever shade you have there is the key, so ask about possibly getting one with some variegation.  Those are the ones that do not show as much.

Also ask about cleaning, not just vacuuming, but cleaning.  Are you going to want to use a steam cleaner? What about a spot cleaner or a stain remover?  Will the carpet you are considering be able to tolerate that sort of treatment?

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