The most popular chairs of modern times

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Forget the old fashined plastic chairs, today chairs are manufactured in stylish and classy designs. And more and more chair dealers in Mumbai have started preferring dealing in these type of chairs.

As the trend to stand out from the crowd has set in, modern furniture tops the list of corporates as well. Below are some of the chairs that are in fashion today:

Executive chairs

When it comes to style and comfort, executive chairs top of the list of every corporate house today. These chairs offer maximum luxury to the user. Adjustbale lean, cushioned seats and back, adjustable arms and other such features make it the best option to choose for people who spend most of the time sitting on the chairs. Besides the look and comfort, executive chairs last longer as they are stitched in a way that helps the air circulate in a better way which allows the fabric to breathe preventing it from stinking.

Ergonomic Chairs

These chairs are highly adjustable and adjust as per the posture of your body which helps you to improve the posture. Ergonomic chairs help people with health issues like body pain and backaches. A wide variety of chairs are available under this type – kneeling chairs, ball chairs, desk chairs and many more. These can be chosen depending on your requirements.

Reception chairs

For reception area, you get different types of chairs. Regular chairs are not used for these areas. As receptions are the first impressions on the visitor, these areas has to look classy and stylish. It is alright if your reception is a bit fancy and does not look professional. These chairs are most of the times come in twos, threes or fours.

Low and high back chairs

Simple low and high back chairs that swivel are also common today. These are comfortable to sit on, easy to stretch and quick to move. As high back chairs give support to your head, neck, lower back and thighs; these are preferred by most of the employees. But as there are always exceptions, not everybody feel comfortable on high back chairs and prefer low back ergonomic chairs.

Mentioned above are the four types that are most commonly used and suits every kind of interior. Depending on the interior and workculture of your office, you can contact chair dealers in Mumbai  for more professional looking or fancy chairs.

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