Quality Auto Insurance in Pasadena and Deer Park, TX

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Insurance

Like most states, Texas has minimum vehicle insurance requirements that all drivers must adhere to. Failure to legally maintain minimum insurance coverage can result in costly fines, penalities, and even arrest. While maintaining a minimum policy may be enough to keep you in line with what is required by law, you will typically find that a minimum policy is not your best choice for coverage. Minimum policies simply provide coverage up to a certain limit for bodily injury and property damage. If you are involved in an accident, you could find out the hard way that these limits are not always enough to cover the bodily injury and property damage sustained. Even worse, you could be sued for the remaining amounts above those limits if you are found at fault for the accident. Thankfully, with a call to your insurance agent, you can easily raise your car insurance limits to an amount you feel more comfortable with.

Everyone wants affordable auto insurance coverage. You might be surprised to know that raising your car insurance limits usually does not cost much more than the minimum requirements. Insurance agents like Larry Gates Insurance provide affordable Auto Insurance in Deer Park, TX to help drivers get and maintain legal coverage at a price they can afford.  There, you will find access to a wide variety of vehicle insurance coverage. Larry Gates Insurance has relationships with nearly two dozen carriers, allowing for many different coverage options for their clients. In addition to providing single car Auto Insurance in Deer Park, TX, Larry Gates Insurance also provides multi-car discounts, home and auto package deals, and even discounts for married drivers.

In business since 1984, Larry Gates Auto Insurance Deer Park TX also provides the type of personalized service that you miss out on by buying insurance from an online dealer. You can be assured that you will receive fast, personalized, honest and reliable service from their team of licensed agents. Call or stop by to experience the quality service for yourself.

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