Information on Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Grand Haven

When injured on the job, there are many questions you may have. You may be unsure of who is responsible for your injuries and medical bills. You may also wonder what will happen with the wages you are missing out on because you cannot work. When injured on the job, it is important to follow the correct steps. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to receiving worker’s compensation. Many people make the mistake of believing they can handle their case on their own. They often end up settling for far less than they would if they had a any on their side to protect their rights.

When an accident first happens on the job, it is up to you to report the injury to your immediate supervisor. He or she will start the process for your claim. You should also make sure you get to a doctor as soon as you can so you can be checked. Though you do have the right to see your own doctor, you need to understand you will also be required to see your employer’s doctor as well. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting around this and failure to report to the doctor will result in your claim being denied.

In these types of injuries, it often becomes stressful for the injured party because they feel they are given the run around with the company. This is where seeing your own doctor and working with an attorney can make a big difference. Even if your company denies your workers compensation claim, you still have the right to pursue for compensation through the courts.

As a part of the steps you will need to take, you will also be required to go through drug and alcohol testing. This testing will ensure that no illegal substances were in your system and could have caused the accident. This is also a step you have no choice in. If you do not take the test or fail it, you will be denied your claim.
If you are dealing with an injury from work, you need a Workers Compensation Lawyer. Contact the office of Bleakley Law and allow them to assist you with your case. They will be glad to work with you, to help you get the compensation you deserve to


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