Protection and Advocacy With a Family Law Lawyer in Charleston

Protection and Advocacy With a Family Law Lawyer in Charleston

In legal situations regarding family matters, you want to get issues settled as quickly as possible while ensuring that the rights of all family members are protected to the utmost. Hiring a family law lawyer in Charleston can ease the stress of taking a family legal matter to court and will provide competent resolution of your case.

Need Relief?

Emergency relief is a process that an attorney can facilitate to provide temporary yet substantial relief that can quickly grant protection to your family. Consult with a lawyer to see what an order for emergency relief can do for your situation.

The demands of raising a family on one parent’s salary is often impossible. In cases where you need to bring a child support case to court, your lawyer will advocate for you and your children’s rights to monetary assistance in a child support case.

Children and Family Law

In South Carolina, adoption by a step-parent is a multi-step process. A family law lawyer in Charleston can help expedite the steps to determine if parental rights have been terminated.  The guardian ad – litem investigation on behalf of the child will be simplified by an attorney as well.

When children are involved in a family law matter in the courts, their rights are paramount. There are many times that parents can go through mediation to make decisions regarding the custody and visitation arrangements for their children. In other cases it is up to the court to determine if the custody is sole, joint, or divided. Having a steadfast attorney to defend your children’s best interests can make all the difference.

Whether you need to navigate the legal process of a name change for yourself, or ensure support for several members of your family, it’s good to have a family law lawyer in Charleston on your side. If any family member needs a personal injury attorney in Charleston SC at any time, you can likewise be assured of quality representation by a firm that also practices family law.