Great Fundraising Ideas For Small Schools

Small schools are great for kids, and they often include an element of community and family involvement that isn’t found in large schools where things are much more impersonal. For elementary, middle and high schools that have lower student numbers, fundraising is often more of a challenge for these very same reasons.

Since the entire community is often involved in the fundraiser, finding a company offering great fundraising ideas for small schools that are constantly changing is a must. This allows the school to stay with the same company but also provide new options to the catalog and online shopping experience that keeps people buying year after year.

Large Selection of Products

The best fundraisers are those that focus in on a theme, such as kitchen products or cooking items, and then also offer a wide range of products within the category. Finding great fundraising ideas means considering what parents, neighbors and others in the community use, want and need and then choosing a fundraising theme that integrates those items into what is offered.

The larger the selection items offered by the fundraising company, the more likely it is that people will find something they want for themselves or to give as a gift. Avoid the companies offering a limited number of items or things that are low quality or novelty items that are less likely to have a mainstream appeal in the community.

Things for Mom

While Dads are also very likely to buy fundraising items for a child, Moms are by far the biggest purchasers. Great fundraising ideas that include items that give Mom a chance to get something special for herself are always a good option. With this type of fundraiser and the ability to order online or through a printed order you may find that multiple orders come from the same person as there is more time to browse, consider and then buy as compared to just the option to place a single order through a form.

Bags, totes, practical home storage ideas, home and entertaining products and special accessories for Moms and Grandmothers are always top sellers. There are some online fundraising companies offering reusable, beautiful bags, purses, wallets, pouches and even scarves and jewelry items that are sure to make anyone happy.

These fundraising items are not expensive, but they are quality and they are very fashion forward. Top companies will continually add to their lines of products, keeping up with trends and even offering seasonal items that are sure to add to the orders.

At Mixed Bag Designs we can help you plan great fundraising ideas that are perfect for your community. To find out more about what we can do to make your fundraiser a success, see us online at.

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