Proper Safe Moving St. Louis for Gun Safes

Most homes have firearms. However, if you have children in the house, you have to ensure that these firearms are out of reach. This is where a gun safe is required. . Gun safes give you a secure place to store your guns from unauthorized access by people. They will also ensure that  your guns are not stolen. However, these safes should be handled with adequate caution and care. When it comes to safe moving, you would have to do this in the most appropriate way. This is essential to avoid any injuries to you or whoever will be moving it for you. The following are some essential  things you should consider  for  safe moving St. Louis.

1. The first, and extremely essential thing that you should do is empty all the contents  in the gun safe. When it comes to safe moving, you have to ensure that it is as light as possible. The safe should not be  too heavy  without the added weight of your guns. Take out the guns and place them in a secure  place until you are done with the relocation of the safe.

2. Inspect the underside of the safe for the presence of any bolts. In most instances, these safes tend to be bolted down to increase their security. If your safe is one of these types, then it is essential that you  detach these bolts before you can undertake safe moving St. Louis. If you cannot manage to do this on your own, you should seek professional, safe moving St. Louis services so as to ensure that you do not damage your safe.

3. Once you are through  with the removal of  bolts, you should then tilt the safe to its side. You should  get a family member take a utility dolly and wedge it’s flat side  under the legs of the safe. The legs should be turned upright  for this to be possible. You can then set the safe down and then proceed to pull the utility dolly back. The safe should tilt and rest against the back of the dolly so that you can resume safe moving.

4. Secure the safe to the utility dolly using some sturdy cables. Although the cables should secure the safe in place on the utility dolly, you may still need extra assistance to hold it down in order to ensure that  it is steady during the safe moving.

5. Once you have reached the new location for the safe, you should then straighten the utility dolly. This should enable the safe to be at almost the same level with the floor. At this juncture, you should take precaution when pulling out the utility dolly out from under it. Ensure that nobody’s feet are in proximity to the safe when doing this.


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