Preparing your classic car for painting

If you have taken the time and spent the money to restore a classic car then the final touch is to give it a fantastic paint job. Most classic cars have rust spots, dents and scratches and for the finish to be up to the same standard as the rest of your restoration then it must be done right and it must be done right the first time. Stripping paint with harsh chemicals will eventually get the job done but it will be messy, time consuming and not one percent complete. The best approach for automotive paint stripper is media blasting.

Automotive paint stripping by hand using chemicals takes far longer and the results are less than when you do the task with media blasting. You can put a lot of labor into preparing the cars surface using gels, liquids or paste and then wet sanding to remove the final vestiges of paint and when you ate finished there will still be evidence of the original paint in hard to reach places. Most chemical paint strippers are not single process, they need to be neutralized to avoid problems. These chemical strippers must be totally removed or they can destroy the perfect paint job that you are working toward, leave out the neutralization process and the metal can be pitted and it will be very difficult to get a perfectly smooth surface to take the new paint.

People have a tendency to think of media blasting as sand blasting. It is that but it is also much more because the materials used to blast the classic cars exterior are safe on the material, once the paint has been removed you will see no damage to the underlying metal. Sand blasting is not the approach to this job as the surface can be damaged. There are several media available which are ideal for use as an automotive paint stripper; plastic beads, walnut shells and baking soda are but three. Small and soft media will not damage the underlying surface but the process will not remove rust either, this problem can be handled by the body mechanic.

Once the car body has been blasted down to bare metal do not touch it without wearing gloves as even the cleanest hands are greasy and paint simply won’t adhere to these areas. Keep the vehicle indoors and prime paint it as soon as possible, within 24 hours is best. Prepare the car first and you can be assured of a perfect finish.

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