Defending A Domestic Violence Charge With The Help Of Criminal Lawyers In Philadelphia

The state of Pennsylvania established their Protection From Abuse Act to protect victims of domestic violence. This legislation provides protection against abuse beyond physical infractions. It allows the victims to initiate an order of protection against their attacker to stop further abuse. Any violation of this order results in an immediate arrest. If you are facing prosecution for domestic violence, you should contact Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia to assist you.

Who Commits Domestic Violence?

As outlined in the laws of Pennsylvania, domestic violence is limited to specific individuals. Among them are spouses whether current or former, romantic partners, siblings, parents, children, or extended family members. They further include former romantic or sexual partners and anyone with whom the victim has a child. The Protection From Abuse Act does not cover any offenders who do not live within the same residence as the victim.

Common Infractions

Stalking, physical or sexual assault, and mental anguish are common infractions listed within domestic violence laws. They derive from abuse from anyone who lives within the same residence as the victim. Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia explains the probable penalties of these crimes to anyone facing them.

Each of these charges is amplified when domestic violence is identified. The prosecution increases the penalties sought based on this classification. Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia can provide a legal defense for anyone facing these charges.

The Overall Goal

The overall goal of the above-mentioned law is to protect families and children from abuse. In the initial stages of these crimes when a child is involved requires a social worker to enter the home and conduct an investigation. With cases that affect adult women, it is likely that the county will relocate them for their protection. This includes setting up residence within a shelter.

During criminal proceedings, the victim will obtain a permanent order of protection after a conviction. This order outlines the stipulations identified by the judge. The accused individual will receive a sentence based on the infraction that was committed.

Upon his or her release from prison, the new order of protection is initiated. Any violation of the order could result in revocation of probation or parole. When this occurs, the individual will need Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia to establish a criminal defense.

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