Plumbers in Ennis, TX Can Be Best Choice For Difficult Clogs in Pipes

One of the most irritating issues that a person can encounter in their plumbing is clogs. Clogs can develop for a variety of reasons and this can make it a bit difficult to know how extensive the problem is. However, in many cases a homeowner may be able to handle simple clogs in their home by using a few techniques and special tools.

Many clogs are caused by an accumulation of grease, soap scum, food scraps and hair. In some cases if the clog is not too extensive, it can be remedied by pouring boiling water mixed with vinegar and baking soda down the drain. This mixture can often melt the grease and allow water to make its way through and push the remainder of the clog from the pipe. This can be a much safer alternative to using harsh chemical drain openers that may cause damage to the pipes of the system.

If the clog remains, then the next thing that a homeowner will want to try is using a plunger to correct the problem. Plungers work by using suction to move the clog. Plungers can be quite effective in dealing with many clogs. However, it is essential that the cup of the plunger fit completely over the drain for it to be successful. Using a plunger can require a bit of persistence and energy to accomplish the task.

Drain Clogs Ennis TX that remain after using a plunger may be farther in the pipes and they may be more extensive. A homeowner can try an auger or snake to try to loosen these types of clogs. This device is generally easily found at a local hardware store. It is made up of a cable with a hook attachment at the end. The cable is fed into the pipe until the clog is reached. The device has a mechanism that allows the user to turn the cable. This cause the hook to dig into the clog and it can often be pulled out in this way. This can take several tries but it can often remedy the problem.

When these types of remedies do not work, then it is generally best to contact Plumbers in Ennis, TX for assistance with the problem.

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