Finding Help For Autism In Green Bay, WI

Having a child with autism can be difficult. But, there are resources available to help those with this condition. One organization is offering 100% customized treatment in the comfort of your home. Individuals receive treatment from psychologists and therapists.

This program is available for children with autism, asperger’s syndrome or a related developmental disorder. The experts evaluate the child for autism and focus on the main areas of concern. They’ll spend time with the child and observe. They’ll figure out the child’s strengths and weaknesses. If you have a child with Autism in Green Bay, WI, schedule a consultation today.

Line therapists work with each child, for at least twenty hours per week. Line therapists are college students, majoring in a related field. Senior therapists are responsible for hiring and training staff, writing goals and discussing issues with parents. The senior therapist visits your home at least once a week, to make sure things are going smoothly. Senior therapists have college degrees and over two thousand hours of line therapy experience. Lead Autism therapists Green Bay WI visit every six to eight weeks to meet with the senior, parents and line staff.

Treatment plans are based on the following information:

any formal testing done

parent report


diagnostic report

any other relevant documents

Some examples of things your child and the therapist work on, include:

toilet training


social skills

safety skills within the home or community

self-care skills

daily living skills

If you need help for Autism in Green Bay, WI, there is aid to help pay for services. Many private health insurance companies pay for treatment, and you can get medicaid funding. If you use medicaid, there’s a requirement to have a county caseworker. Unfortunately, there’s a medicaid waiting list. Self-pay is also an option.

The program values input from the family. They want parents to be part of the decision making process. Medicaid requires that a child be on the waiting list by the time they’re eight years old. If you are self-paying or using private insurance, the child can start right away. This program is critical for your child. They’ve helped over seven hundred children with autism.