Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana Should Be A Priority

For the most part, few pet owners give much thought to their pet’s teeth or dentistry needs. While you’re not alone, it doesn’t mean you should be proud of the fact. The truth of the matter is, recent studies indicate about 66% of all pet owners don’t provide the correct dental care that their vets recommend. Experts in Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana state this is indeed a big mistake.

While dogs and cats don’t get cavities like their human counterparts do, they can incur gum disease; the prime illness found in both felines and canines. For this reason, it’s vital that all pet owners include Pet Dentistry in Fort Wayne Indiana at the top of their “to do” list.

Like men and women, diseases of the mouth can lead to healthcare problems for your pets, say experts at Dupont Veterinary Clinic in Fort Wayne Indiana. They go on to say how very important regular appointments with your veterinarian is for dental hygiene and to improve your pet’s complete health, including his nutrition and exercise. The inflammation of the gums and loss of teeth is so very painful to pets, not mention expensive to treat. Additionally, they can lead to far more grave conditions, including heart, lung and kidney damage.

Recent reports show that by the time a cat or dog reaches the age of three, 80% of the dogs and 70% of the cats will have some sort of mouth or dental disease. While this could be something as simple as tartar building up on the gum lines, gums that have become inflamed or bad breath, it could also be something far more serious.

Pet owners should watch for a change in the way their pet eats or the pet pawing at their mouth to indicate a problem that a vet should take a look at. Keep in mind a pet’s dental issues come about slowly, and it’s not uncommon to overlook the signs until an infection has already formed. Therefore, it is the advice of veterinarians all over the country that you make regular, yearly dental check-ups a part of your pets’ regimen starting now.

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