Pest Control, Repairs, and Home Improvements in Edmond, OK

In addition to doing pest control in Edmond, OK, some pest control companies go a step further and fix the damage and then make home improvements to keep it from happening again. After the animals have been removed, it’s time to repair the damage left behind by animals who may have damaged the property. Tiny little moles in the yard can do much damage in a short time, creating holes and mounds of upturned dirt all over the yard.

Besides the yard, animals can do physical damage to our homes and buildings. They can chew holes in roofing and siding, creating water leaks and affecting a home’s energy efficiency. Squirrels who are socking away nuts for the winter may choose a hiding place under a loose shingle to store their supply. Soon, that once loose shingle leads to a second loose shingle, and before you know it, the squirrel has chewed a hole in the roof. Part of the service after doing pest control in Edmond, OK is to seal off any entry points that birds and other animals have used to get into a house. They install mechanical barriers over chimneys, vents, and holes in the foundation to keep squirrels and other animals out.

At Critter Control of Oklahoma City, it’s not just about pest control in Edmond, OK and repairing damage the animals leave behind. It’s also about cleaning up animal droppings. Take geese, for example. They are fun to watch and usually stay away from people, but at times, the males can become aggressive. Geese are large birds, and they leave behind droppings that can make any grassy area look like the local dog park. This, of course, can spread disease, and even if the birds are not infected, it’s just as unsanitary as the waste at the dog park.

They also do other home improvement services that are not the direct result of animal damage or pest control in Edmond, OK. They can take care of cleaning the gutters and then install gutter guards to prevent the gutters from getting clogged again with leaves and debris. They can fertilize the lawn, paint the house, clean the roof, trim the trees, and yes, they even do windows.


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