How Air Conditioning Replacement In Queen Creek, AZ Is Performed

Air Conditioning Replacement Queen Creek AZ is a service that involves the complete replacement of your air-conditioning unit. Replacement includes removal of the old unit from your property, installation and setup of a new unit, and connections to your electrical system. These connections allow the technician to connect a new thermostat and replace old duct work that could hinder the performance of a new installation. How Air Conditioning Replacement Queen Creek AZ is Performed:Removal of the Old Unit All components that are connected to the old unit are disconnected from the electrical system of your home. With most new installations, the existing wires are used to reconnect the new components. However, if these wires are damaged or out of date the technician or an electrical contractor will replace it. Most installation companies will remove the old unit from your property. You should consult your preferred service provider to establish whether this service is an option for you.

Installing the New Unit Technicians position the new unit in the appropriate location after the old unit is removed. The components that require connection are connected to the electrical system within your home. This additionally requires that the thermostat is replaced within the interior of your home. The wiring is positioned within the same location as the old unit to prevent structural damage. TestingThe installation service evaluates the performance of the new unit installed. This includes ensuring that the thermostat functions properly and shuts down or starts based on the temperature settings. Testing also requires that the technician evaluates the freon levels found within this new unit. Freon levels are important to the proper cooling functions of the air-conditioning unit. Warranties An Air Conditioning Replacement Queen Creek AZ service will offer a warranty with the new installation. This warranty is valid for a predetermined amount of time. Most service providers may permit you to purchase an extended warranty for your air-conditioning unit. You may also choose to purchase a maintenance plan for your unit, which will cover repairs and maintenance based on the terms of the selected plan. Maintenance plans often include yearly cleaning services for the unit.


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