Personalized Chocolate Cigars Make Great Favors for Many Occasions

When you host a party, it is always a nice gesture to offer favors to the guests. It is a nice way to thank them for coming to spend the evening with you. A few of the standard parties that typically offer favors include wedding receptions, corporate parties and Bar Mitzvahs. While you could offer the typical box of matches, small candle or frame, these favors are typically only for the women. If you want your event to stand out, offer personalized chocolate cigars to the men and watch their eyes light up with excitement.


Favors are a natural part of any wedding. If you are trying to get married on a budget, there are a variety of companies that offer personalized chocolate cigars for a reasonable price, making it easy to add this touch of elegance to your evening. The men who are in attendance will get a big kick out of having a favor that is just for them, not the women this time. You can choose to offer the cigars to just the men standing up in your wedding as a token thank you or you can offer one to every man in attendance as a gesture for everyone.

Corporate Parties

Holidays, hitting milestone goals or a special retirement in the company are all reasons for large corporate parties. These parties are typically rather sophisticated, whether they are held at a local banquet hall, hotel or right inside your company. If you want to offer your guests a personal thank you for taking the time out to attend the party, you can offer the men personalized chocolate cigars and the women small pieces of gourmet Belgian chocolate. This small gesture will go a long way and be remembered long after they remember the food at the event.

Bar Mitzvahs

A Bar Mitzvah is a big day in any child’s life and is worth celebrating. The adult men love to have ways to bond and have time for just the men. Rather than offering alcohol or even real cigars, you can offer personalized chocolate cigars and include men of all ages – even the kids. Everyone would enjoy being able to participate in a toast to the person celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, making it a moment to remember at this event.

Personalized chocolate cigars are a great way to offer favors to the guests at any major event you are hosting. Whether you are getting married, hosting a corporate party or celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, chocolate favors are a great way to offer thanks, as well as include everyone of any age in the excitement of the celebration.

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