Personalized antique rug restoration in Manahttan

Antique rugs are a beautiful accent piece that will add a touch of class and elegance to any space. Oriental rugs have a rich history, spanning thousands of years. They are actually considered to be a type of ancient art form. One issue many owners find with these rugs, however, is that the wear and tear over many years of use have caused them to deteriorate. The original beauty is gone, the colors are dull and dreary, and the rug may be threadbare or even have holes in some areas. That is when it is time to call a specialist in antique rug restoration in Manhattan.

There are a variety of different restoration services that you may find will benefit your antique rug. For example, perhaps the rug has holes, worn areas, or rips. If so, then an antique rug restoration in Manhattan service can reweave those areas to repair them. Reweaving can also be done on the fringe or if there is moth damage. If the rug is too big or even too small for the area you have in mind, you can ask that it be resized. An expert in antique rug restoration will be able to do that for you.

Maybe the rug has been damaged due to fire, water, or wine. Stain removal on an antique rug is something that has to be done very carefully and gently. By taking the rug to a restoration specialist, you will be assured it will be returned to it’s once perfect splendor. Rug storage is something else owners sometimes need to do. Many owners may not realize that antique rugs need to be specially prepped prior to storage for an extended period of time. A specialist in antique rug restoration can prepare the rug for storage so it will not deteriorate and will be in the same condition as it was prior to storage.

If you are the proud owner of an antique rug, it is imperative you take care of it to maintain its beauty. When it comes to repairs, cleaning, or storage the best thing to do is take it to someone who specializes in rug restoration like those at The Golden Horn. That way you can rest assured your rug will remain in pristine condition, as beautiful as the day you bought it.

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