Pawn Jewelry In Atlanta For The Extra Cash You Need

The current economic conditions in many areas of the country seem to be depressed. There aren’t enough jobs and there’s never enough money. If you find yourself in need of a little cash, remember you always have the option to pawn jewelry in Atlanta, Georgia. If you live the the Atlanta, Marietta and Alpharetta areas of Georgia, the solution to your financial problems may be in your jewelry box. Think about the gold, silver or diamond jewelry you may have lying around the house.

jewelry expert at happy hocker pawn appraise your jewelry and can offer fast cash at the highest prices. If you are sentimentally attached to your jewelry and choose to pawn instead of sell, you can use your jewelry as collateral for a quick loan. If you caught your fiance cheating or you’re kicking your current husband out the door, you could turn your diamonds into cash to cure a broken heart.

Pawn loans are based on the value of the jewelry without regard to your credit history. Experts are available in a secure, relaxed setting, to evaluate your jewelry and arrange a loan, which is renewable every thirty days, as you make your scheduled payment. When state laws allow, extensions may be offered to provide you with extra time to redeem your items. Customers must be over 18 with appropriate identification.

If you are considering taking the wedding plunge but you have a limited budget for a ring, consider shopping for your diamond at the pawn shop. You will find a large variety of rings in various shapes and sizes, all at reasonable prices. If you are shopping for jewelry for yourself to brighten your day or for a friend to celebrate a special occasion, jewelry is the right choice at the right price from your local pawn shop. A gift of jewelry is a cherished token of appreciation.

You can pawn jewelry in Atlanta, but other services are also available from the pawn shop. If your jewelry is broken and in need of repair or cleaning and polishing, or you may have a diamond that needs to be mounted or a ring with prongs needing to be re-tipped, the pawn shop can assist you. They also offer watch repair, cleaning and restoration that includes a one year warranty. A visit to your local pawn shop can provide you with extra cash or save you money.

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