Are You Getting Hot Under The Collar In New Canaan CT?

New Canaan may not be in the tropics but it does get warm, if not hot, at the height of summer. Summer temperatures often exceed 80° F and have even been known to go above 100° F. This might be great for beach or poolside vacations; but, it is not conducive to a hard day’s work or a calming, cool sleep at night.

They say that the town of New Canaan is home to one of the wealthiest communities in our Nation and it is difficult to convince such people to live with discomfort and inconvenience – especially when it can be easily avoided.

Keep Your Cool

If summer is getting too hot for you, the answer is simple – “go inside and switch on the air conditioning and set its thermostat to your desired level of coolness”. I doubt if anyone has ever conducted a survey in New Canaan to find out how many people would deliberately stay sweating it out in a hot room compared to those that would leave the room and move to one that has aircon; but I would bet that almost everyone would choose to change rooms. From that, I would conclude that a lot of air conditioning systems and machines have been installed in New Canaan.

A Lot Of Systems Means That A Lot Of Maintenance Service is Required

Simple, single unit window or wall mounted air conditioners can be purchased at any discount store and are relatively easy for DIY installation. However, once you upgrade to split units; let alone centralized air conditioning systems, the selection and installation becomes more complicated and will, usually, be best left in the hands of specialist HVAC contractors.

However, whatever type and however it was installed, all air conditioners will require regular preventative maintenance if they are to remain in top working efficiency. Servicing your air conditioner is not a job to be lightly undertaken without the necessary knowledge. For Air Conditioning Service In New Canaan CT most people would be well advised to seek the services of a qualified HVAC contractor.

Factors to consider include:-

  • Changing over from winter to summer service
  • Does the coolant need recharging?
  • Do the filters need cleaning?
  • General condition of replaceable parts and weathering of external casings
  • Excessive moisture condensation
  • Etc.

Make sure that you choose a Air Conditioning Service In New Canaan CT that is competent to meet these requirements.

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