Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Your backyard is usually where you can find outdoor sanctuary. If you have a patio, you can personalize your outdoor look to really make it a relaxing place of refuge. Patio furniture, landscaping, and lighting all work together to create a unique style. If you are looking for lighting ideas to finish the look of your yard, below is a brief review of what can be used to complete your outdoor style.


Lantern lights create a rustic look to your yard. Coming in various colors, it can create a hint of color against the green bushes and trees. They can be strung on electric wire if you want to hang them from a cabana or tree. Conversely, they can also be set on stakes and inserted into the ground to keep them stationary.


Bulb lights are informal and create a festive atmosphere when used. Also called string lights, they can be wrapped around anything. Around trees, it can make a magical look come to life, or strung around posts, you can create a festive area for food, dance, or fun. If you are looking for fun outdoor lights in Chicago, these would be a great fit.


Landscape lighting is generally used to illuminate pathways, trees or bushes to make them focal points in an outdoor area. Usually staked into the ground, they come in many styles to fit your needs. The colors offered are usually darker and plainer in nature as they are meant to blend into the natural surroundings.

Landscape lights can use different bulbs, usually low voltage or solar powered. The solar powered options are great as you don’t need to worry about turning them on or off during the day or night. Maintenance for the landscape lights are low, as they are meant to take the beating of the elements.

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