How Organizations Can Satisfy Their Commercial Refrigeration Needs

Large refrigeration systems are essential for many businesses. While a small fridge may work for the break room, it can’t hope to do what is required for a company that needs to cool a large amount of products.

The type of commercial refrigeration a company needs depends on the specifics of the business. Markets and grocery stores often need long refrigeration units that have glass doors. This allows them to display refrigerated produces in an eye-catching way. Grocery stores also need plenty of freezer displays. Both types of displays come in two main forms: With doors and without. The type without doors are bin-style displays that customers can easily reach into to grab products.

Walk-in freezers and coolers are used by many businesses. Restaurants and grocery stores are both big users of these units. They allow for the storage of products that don’t need to be displayed. Typically, the units are in the back rooms and are accessed by employees on an as-needed basis. There are a surprising number of customization options. TKS Walk-In, a commercial refrigeration manufacturer, offers choices of doors and unit sizes. They also offer both indoor and outdoor cooling and freezing solutions.

Not every organization that uses commercial cooling is involved in food. Bio-tech labs, some industrial manufacturers, and florists all need refrigerators or freezers to keep their products or samples in good shape. Liquor stores use refrigerators for beer and freezers to make wine slush products available in a ready-to-drink form. These are just some of the non-food applications of commercial-grade refrigeration and freezing solutions. Because of the wide variety of applications refrigerators and freezers may be used in, it is common for organizations to seek customized units. This allows needs to be perfectly met.

Despite their name, TKS Walk-In selection isn’t limited to walk-in units. They also make a number of display units for convenience stores and other locations that are open to the public. Both stand-alone and built-in systems are available. In some areas, the company can even provide engineering services for refrigeration projects. This allows customers to obtain a fully-customized solution for their requirements and eliminates the need to contact multiple commercial cooling manufacturers to obtain the perfect unit.

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