Information on Getting Help With Child Support in Newnan, GA

Raising a child on your own can be difficult, especially if you are the custodial parent and not receiving any help from the other parent, through Child Support in Newnan, GA. The law requires parents support their children until they become adults. If you are not receiving the child support your child deserves, you need legal help. It is important to hire an attorney and seek help through the court system. The court system has begun aggressively pursuing deadbeat parents who refuse to pay to support their children and try to evade the law. Through the help of an attorney, your child can get the child support they are owed.
What Can You Expect When Hiring a Child Support in Newnan, GA Attorney?
When you first hire your attorney, he or she will need information on whether or not their is an existing child support order through the court. If an order is already in place, the attorney can seek the judge to help get the order enforced. If no order is in place, the attorney will file a case with the court, to have the other parent brought in so an order can be made by the judge. Once an order is in place, the parent is required by law, to keep up with the payments or risk wage garnishment and even jail time.
If an order is in place and the parent is trying to evade the law, by moving often or working under the table, the attorney will most likely employ the services of an investigator, to track down the parent. Once it is known where the person lives and works, this will assist the attorney in getting a child support order or pursuing the parent for back child support.
Many attorneys are willing to help single parents get the child support their child needs. These attorneys will often work with no fee, until the child support is recovered. For more information on getting help with your child support issues, contact The Law Offices Of Diane M. Sternlieb, LLC. She and her team will be glad to assist you in getting your child support taken care of.

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