Ordering Aluminium Disks: What To Consider

For many types of applications, including in manufacturing and fabrication, aluminium disks may be required. Ordering disks cut directly from the manufacturer and supplier of the aluminium is always a time and cost saving consideration, with several good reasons to choose this option.

Properties Required

Depending on the end use and the specific properties required for the aluminium, different types of plate can be used as the material for the disk. Cast tool and jig plate are going to provide specific flatness and internal stability that is ideal if the disk is going to be further machined or welded.

Other types of aluminium disks can be made from various series of the alloy. This can increase strength to weight ratios, increase corrosion resistance and even make a specific type of alloy a better match for mold injections, cryogenic applications or use when extremely high temperature or pressure is present.

Finish Required

When the aluminium disks are part of the design or the visual component of the project, it may be essential to consider the options for finishing the surface. Different surface treatments will enhance corrosion resistance as well as add to the aesthetic appearance of the component.

Different types of chemical treatment, hard anodizing, electroplating or even simply buffing the surface to create a polished, luster and shine. When considering any supplier, verify is surface treatments and finishes are offered as a service.

Cut to Order

When buying aluminum plate for disks from a top supplier, check to see the recommended type of process recommended for the size of disks and the type of plate.

For highly precise and high tolerance requirements, CNC machining, including lasers and water jet machining, are all ideal options. Having this done by the manufacturer and shipped ready to use is a cost-effective option any buyer should consider.

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