Options for Traditional and Direct Cremation Services in Port Jefferson, NY

Cremation Services Port Jefferson NY do not take the place of funeral services. Cremation simply refers to a method of disposition of the body and an alternative to a traditional burial. Cremation can be done before or after the funeral service. Families can also have a visitation even if their loved one will be cremated, and the family has the option of having an open-casket or closed-casket viewing or funeral service. If the family wishes an open casket viewing at the visitation, the Bryant Funeral Home funeral director can arrange that for them. Then, the body may be cremated after the funeral service.

Sometimes, you may hear the terms cremation and direct cremation. With traditional cremation, the body gets embalmed and placed in a combustible casket. The casket can be at the visitation and the service, whether or not the family requests an open or closed casket. After the service, the casket, with the body inside, goes through the crematory. With direct Cremation Services in Port Jefferson NY, there is no casket, open or closed, at the viewing or funeral. The body is taken to the funeral home or crematory and as soon as permits and certificates are completed, the body gets cremated.

The state of New York does not require embalming. Embalming and dressing the body are done if the body will be viewed in an open casket at either the visitation, the funeral service, or both. The family does not have to purchase a casket if their loved one will be cremated. The funeral home will have containers or urns, or the family can provide one of their own alternative container. The container can even be made of cardboard, because the ashes of cremated remains are not a health hazard. If the family wants to have a viewing, or a casket used at the funeral, they can rent a casket from the funeral home.

Once the body is cremated, the family can take the container home and keep the ashes. They can also choose to scatter the ashes over land or sea. Families should get permission from a land owner if the ashes will be scattered over private land. If the ashes will be scattered, the family should discuss that possibility with the funeral home beforehand so that the crematory knows to process the bone fragments down to ashes. Then family can also have the ashes buried

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