What to Do If You Need Water Heater Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ

A faulty water heater can make taking a shower or bath extremely unpleasant. Unfortunately, everyone must bath, so repairing a broken water heater must be a priority. For those needing Water Heater Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ, there is an experienced HVAC and plumbing contractor that can help you get your water as hot as it used to be when you first moved in. Sterling Services handles many types of contracting jobs, such as plumbing, solar panels, heating, cooling and refrigeration repair.

The first thing you should decide if you need to replace your water heater is to pick out if you want a conventional, solar powered, heat pump or tankless hot water heater. A conventional water heater uses a tank and heats up the water reservoir continuously until you need it. A solar powered water heater used the energy of the sun’s rays to heat a tank of water. The next type, a heat pump powered water heater, uses a pump to move heat from one place to another, as opposed to a stationary heating element. The last kind is the tankless, or on-demand water heater, which heats water as you have a need for it.


Other factors that may affect your decision are fuel cost and availability, size, energy efficiency and its annual operating costs. Fuel can be the most expensive element in utilizing a water heater. The most common types of fuel ordered based on availability are electricity, geothermal energy, solar, oil, natural gas and propane. The size of a water heater also drives up the annual cost. The most important factor in a water heater is its energy efficiency, which can help lower your monthly energy bills.

For those needing Water Heater Replacement in Queen Creek AZ, researching the best type of water heater for your situation is a smart idea. There are many factors to consider before buying and installing a new water heater, such as what kind heating element, fuel, fuel availability and cost, size, energy efficiency and the total annual operating costs. Sterling Services is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor that never charges extra for evening appointments.