What Constitutes Auto Salvage?

When a vehicle becomes unusable for any reason, parts are often removed and reused. The portions of the car that cannot be salvaged are then disposed of safely. These operations are carried out by salvage yards in Phoenix, salvage yards are also commonly called auto recyclers. This practice of salvaging useful parts prevents usable parts going to waste and then when the rest of the vehicle it disposed of it promotes environmental conservation. Some years back this practice was not prevalent and scrap cars were simply disposed of in a convenient landfill.

One of the largest industries in the world is the manufacture of vehicles, as such, this industry generates a great deal of waste. The waste has been brought under control at the factories but this has no impact on what happens to the vehicle once it is no longer usable. Salvage yards attempt to mitigate this problem by stripping the vehicles of all parts that can be reused and then scrapping what is left. Automobiles have the highest percentage of reusable components of any manufactured product; about 75 percent of the parts can be salvaged.

When a car is brought into a salvage yard it usually go through three distinct phases, phase one is preparing the vehicle for disassembly. To do this all the fluids are drained, the fuel tank, battery and tires are removed. The fluids can either be reused or most frequently, sent to a recycling facility, this is true with the battery as well. Once the fuel tank has been drained, it can go along with other metal components for recycling. Tires can be used in a number of ways, they can be resold, retreaded or the rubber can be ground and used for paving material.

What is left is analyzed, depending on the condition of the parts that are left, they are either removed for resale or they can be sold to companies that rebuild them, this is particularly true with engines and transmissions. If the car appears to be repairable, it can be sold as is and the title changed to a salvage title.

When all the parts that can be salvaged in some fashion are removed, what remains is sent to a crusher and sold to mills as scrap metal. to find out the leading salvage yards in Phoenix. The parts that result from the recycling program are passed to clients at a tremendous saving.



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