Natural Ways To Treat Heel Spurs Before Visiting Podiatrists in Edison NJ

If you have plantar fasciitis, it can be painful to walk around. Plantar fasciitis occurs when your plantar fascia, the tissue which connects your foot bones to form the arch on your foot, become inflamed. This develops over time from repetitive stress on your foot. Many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis also suffer from heel spurs, which are small calcium deposits that grow on the bottom of your foot. Here are a few natural ways to treat a plantar spur and plantar fasciitis without surgery.

Use An Ice Pack

Place an ice pack where you feel pain on your foot. Keep the ice there for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove the ice pack if your skin hurts.

Take An Anti-Inflammatory

If you are feeling a lot of pain, you can take an anti-inflammatory medication. Ibuprofen is a commonly used anti-inflammatory medication. You will feel some relief from your heel spur. However, to address the root of your problem, talk to your Podiatrists Edison NJ.

Take A Break

Sometimes, you just need a little rest. If you feel a heel spur developing, stop walking so much. This will prevent your pain from getting worse.

Invest Some Cash In New Shoes

Most heel spurs develop because of overpronation. Overpronation is a flattening of your arch. Orthotic inserts along with new shoes will increase your arch support and reduce the pain that you feel. Ask your salesperson to help you find orthopedic shoes and arches. This will relieve your stress when you walk.

Stretch Out

Stretching your calf muscles will help you reduce the pain you feel in your feet. Sitting with your legs straight, bend your ankles and point your toes up and towards your body. Reach down and gently pull the top of your feet towards you for an even better stretch.

If you have heel spurs and suffer from plantar fasciitis, these natural remedies can reduce some of the pain you feel. To treat the cause of your pain, make sure you talk to the Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ. Give your Podiatrists Edison NJ a call today.

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