Money is Available to Help You Buy Your Stairlift

Through a disabled facilities grant, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance towards the purchase of a stairlift. The following article will detail for you how you can get this financial assistance, and obtain your own disability stairlifts in Barnstaple and other parishes in the UK.

Who Should Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

Disabled individuals who are in need of financial assistance to modify their home in order to improve their quality of life may apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. The home modification must be needed to allow the disabled person to have improved life quality as a result. The United Kingdom government recognises stairlifts as a necessary home modification to improve the quality of life for disabled individuals. It is specifically listed on their website as an example of the type of modification the grant would possibly cover. Stairlifts are considered by them to improve the disabled persons access to their rooms and facilities.

How Much & How is Financial Assistance Provided?

How much financial assistance you will qualify for is dependent on your total household income. If you qualify for the grant you will receive payment in one of two ways. You can either receive payment in full when your stairlift is completely installed, or you can receive payment in stipends as the work is being completed. Payments may be distributed directly to you or to the contractor that is completing the work. If you hire a contractor the council will be more likely to pay all invoices up to the amount billed by the contractor. However, if you complete the work yourself or have a family member complete the work, then the council will likely only pay for supplies and materials purchased as evidenced by receipts.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

To be eligible for the Disabled Facilities Grant there must be someone living in your home that has been diagnosed as disabled by a medical professional. The disabled person can be the owner or landlord of the property, or a tenant who resides in the property. The person must be planning to reside at the current home for a period of 5 years or more. The council will assess whether the stairlift is needed for the home, based upon the disabled persons needs. The council will also assess the home to determine if the stairlift can safely be installed based upon the homes condition.

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