How Can You Buy Adderal OTC?

The answer is that you cannot but, do you even know what we are talking about? Let’s start with the acronym “OTC” – what does it mean. Maybe you think of “Officers Training Corps; as in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps? If so, in this particular case you would be way off base but sort of on target as well.

Lack Of Focus

Those undergoing officer training are often under a lot of stress. They have to do well in physical training and they have to study and pass exams. Some find this all a little too much for them. The physical aspects tire them and then they find they lack focus and concentration for the study program. Soon they are under performing in the physical and having trouble staying awake for their studies. They are in desperate need of an energy boost to see them through.


Maybe our struggling student officer has heard someone tell him about Adderal and how it is a little pill that will give the much needed boost. However, a visit to the nearest pharmacy produced the result that, yes they do have Adderal but, no you cannot buy it Over The Counter (OTC) – a prescription is required. Adderal is classified as a Type 2drug similar to amphetamines and it is intended for the treatment of people suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. Possibly it might provide just the boost our officer in training desires but it has also been abused as a recreational drug so, unless you can convince your doctor that you have ADHD, you are not going to legally get your hands on any. Much the same applies to most pharmaceutical stimulant drugs.

Is There An Alternative That Is legal?

The plethora of energy drinks and supplements that can be easily purchased are unlikely to be of much assistance. Additionally, most of these are heavily laced with caffeine and our young would be officer is probably spaced out enough on endless cups of coffee to keep awake when studying and then finding it difficult to sleep which compounds the problems the next day.

The answer lies in natural products containing herbs and supplements like Niacin, Vitamin B12,etc which have long been known for imparting vitality. Such pills are completely legal and do not require prescriptions. However, you may find that many over the counter shops do not stock them; in which case you will need to search the net for Adderall OTC and make your purchase online.

Addrena is a natural alternative to Adderal. It is fully legal but you will need to purchase your Adderall OTC online st Addrena. These pills will help you beat drowsiness and maintain focus check at website for information and to purchase.

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