Making Logos Memorable With Screen Printing and Embroidery in Lenexa

What is an extremely effective yet often overlooked means of advertising that should be considered by any business or organization? That would be printing or embroidering names and logos on clothing items! Clothing items are like walking advertising, and a well designed shirt, cap or jacket is noticed and remembered. Any business or organization that wants to get their name out there should definitely explore this option.

The most obvious and common use of this advertising technique are t-shirts! Everyone loves a t-shirt that makes a statement, and most people automatically notice and read the wording or logo that they see someone wearing. Whether it be a car service garage or a baseball team, t-shirts are an effective and attractive way of promoting team spirit as well as identifying the wearers as members of a particular business, team or group. The imagination is the limit in terms of design, since multiple colors and complex logo designs are manageable with modern printing and screening processes. A variety of inks and special effects, such as metallic or 3-D are options that can make a design, name or logo stand out.

Aside from t-shirt printing and screening techniques, a business or organization will want to consider embroidery in Lenexa options, which is often the choice for such items as jackets and caps, but may also be used on shirt sleeves or sweat shirts. Assistance in choosing from a wide range of background colors and type and color of threads used for the embroidery will make designing an article of clothing fast and easy, and state-of-the-art equipment in the hands of experienced graphic designers at House of Apparel will insure impressive and quality results.

When any business, organization or group is in need of clothing items that identify and advertise, items such as t-shirts, jackets, caps and sweatshirts should be considered. Whether screen printed or embroidered, these articles of clothing will be an attractive means of identifying and promoting the organization. Not only do they create an impression, but they are a versatile and long-lasting means of promoting a group or business that cannot be matched by traditional advertising methods.

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