How frequently should you visit the dentist?

Many years ago it was rare for people to have access to a dentist, the result was that tooth decay and other oral problems were much more problematic than they are today where a Kennesaw dentist is readily available. This is great but having a nearby dentist is only of value if you visit them on a regular basis, the ADA, American Dental Association recommends dental visits every six months. By going to the dentist twice a year you allow the dentist to look after basic routine maintenance and preventative works that can stop tooth decay or stop it before it happens. By making regular visits your dentist is in a position to see the development of something that may become serious if not attended to promptly.

When you make your twice a year visits to your Kennesaw dentist you will have your teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist. This cleaning is done with special apparatus, usually a high pressure water jet, which removes all traces of tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth. In many cases, the hygienist will apply a coat of fluoride to the teeth to help with decay prevention.

Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, the hygienist will turn you over to the dentist, noting anything that was seen while the cleaning was in process. The dentist will examine you for any evidence of decay or any gum problems. The dentist uses various instruments and a mirror; he taps and probes the teeth, one after another to see if there are any problems. He will be looking at the amount of space between the teeth and gums, too much space may indicate the onset of a gum problem. During each visit the dentist is on the lookout for any signs of oral cancer, which if caught in the early stages, can be rectified.

Periodically, the dentist will take X-Rays of the teeth. The X-Rays are used by the dentist to confirm that there are not problems which are not yet visible. It may be that you have a cavity, the X-Ray will indicate how close to the nerve it is which can tell the dentist whether a root canal may be necessary before the filling is done.


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