Make a Trip to the Animal Hospital in Windsor Locks CT as Positive as Possible for Your Dog

Dogs tend to understand more than many people give them credit for, even in cases where they haven’t been fully trained. Mention the word “treat” in any context around a dog who is accustomed to receiving positive reinforcement, and he’ll probably proceed to where his treats are stored. Tell a friend your baby is beginning to “walk” on his own in the presence of a dog, and the dog will go stand by the door and wait for his leash to be donned.


Though these are both examples of things the dogs enjoy, they also comprehend words that bring up less than positive feelings for them. A number of dog owners prepare their pets for a trip to the vet with feelings of dread. Dogs sense this, and they, too, become apprehensive. It doesn’t take long for them to associate these negative emotions with the vet directly. Then, someone can simply say the word “vet”, and it sends the dog into a state of fear.

This negative association, rather than the actual trip to an animal hospital in Windsor Locks, CT, is what actually leads to the whimpering, hiding and having to wrestle a dog into the car for his checkups. In order to avoid teaching your dog to stereotype his vet and the staff of the animal clinic, try to stay calm and positive when getting ready for a trip to the vet. Keep your tone light and pleasant, as if you were readying him for a trip to the beach.

Give your dog a treat while waiting in the reception area and another once you reach the exam room. Help the staff of the Animal Hospital in Windsor Locks CT keep your dog calm by maintaining the positive tone and attitude throughout the checkup or medical procedure. Another treat to reward good behavior once the exam is complete is also a good idea.

If your dog is new to the vet, you may want to consider introducing him to the clinic and his care team before an actual exam. Make it a fun, lighthearted trip reinforced by an occasional treat. Show him there is nothing to fear, and allow him to casually become acquainted with the people and surroundings he will come in contact with during his appointments.

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