Building for Longevity

People have a lot to think about when deciding on home improvement projects, especially if they are considering an addition to the existing structure or a new building completely. Contractors, budgets and materials should all be carefully chosen before the project can even begin. Most people rely on pre-fabricated (pre-fab) materials to cut down on time and cost. Most contractors have no problem utilizing pre-fab elements to any addition or new building. It helps keep cost down for them as well as the customer. Since business increases as job turn over does, it works in the time aspect to use pre-fab. Garage Buildings in Spokane Valley WA are mostly completed with pre-fab trusses and frames. When the job is finished, you will have a porch or garage that looks good and will hold your cars or belongings adequately.

What you may not realize is that the garage could end up costing a whole lot more than you planned on via repairs and maintenance. Another option is to use steel frames. Steel frames are fine, if you don’t mind your new addition looking like it was made out of steel. it does not look good with every style of house and that can detract from curb appeal. You can cover the steel frames in wood, but that will add up to more money very quickly. No one wants to break their budget on a project. Garages and add on buildings do not need to cost a lot of money in maintenance or look like steel in your area. There is another option that will produce quality and results for not much money over the cost or pre-fab.

Bolted trusses are of better quality and last longer than pre-fab trusses. Garage Buildings in Spokane Valley WA have the opportunity to be crafted with this type of trusses. The lumber used is 2-3 times larger than lumber used by competitors in the area. You get excellent workmanship and superior quality that pre-fab trusses with maintenance costs in the range of minimal to none. No reinforcements will be needed for the building to continue standing. Bolted trusses have steel bolts over cleats that result in longevity of your new garage or any other addition. If this sounds like the option for you, click here to get more information. You will be glad you did.

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