Maintenance Services for AC Rectifiers & Other Electrical Devices

Are you in need of speedy repair or troubleshooting services for an AC rectifier? Rectifiers perform a variety of functions and are essential to many everyday applications, as well as commercial and industrial companies. To ensure your rectifier is repaired or upgraded correctly and promptly, trust an experienced, licensed, and bonded electrical company. An electrician will possess the know-how necessary to repair the components of your rectifier, such as its fuses, meters, silicon diodes, transformers, and more.

About Rectifiers

In essence, rectifiers are electrical components that modify alternating current waves, or AC, and change them into direct current waves, or DC. This electric current wave modification occurs through rectification. The process of rectification takes place in two forms, half-wave and full-wave rectification. Generally, AC rectifiers convert AC waves into DC waves using a collection of devices, such as motors, valves, switches, and diodes. Diodes are electrical components that can be used as rectifiers, and are comprised of two electrodes – or conductors of electric currents.

Common Applications

Because a vast majority of electronics operates via DC waves, the primary function of AC rectifiers is to convert AC to DC. DC waves can also be converted to different levels; however, this requires an inverter and transformer to change DC to AC and then to DC again. Rectifiers can be utilized in a wide variety of other applications, as they’re commonly used as sources of power and to detect radio signals. In addition to serving as power sources and signal detectors, they’re also applicable in welding projects and piecing together electronics, such as laptops and video games.

Commercial & Industrial Use

Additionally, AC rectifiers are also beneficial to commercial and industrial facilities. They provide a number of advantages in terms of cost, productivity, and simplicity. In a commercial or industrial environment, rectifiers deliver immediate AC to DC conversion. They’re also fairly easy to install and maintain, making them highly economical and efficient. Professional-grade rectification systems are typically comprised of AC and DC switchgears, power transformers, silicon rectifiers, and other controls and components. Rectifiers are especially useful in applications and projects involving the use of magnets, elevators, cranes, and other operations that require consistent DC waves.

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