Looking for Trustworthy Aluminum Extruders?

There are a wide variety of options available to industry professionals looking for metal cutting and shaping services. Aluminum extrusion is an innovative, effective method of molding bar into virtually any design. Extrusion offers unbeatable precision and affordability, as well as quick turnarounds. Regardless of the application you have in mind, skilled aluminum extruders can facilitate your operation through dedicated, detail-oriented services. You’ll have personalized aluminum pieces in a fraction of the time it takes to carry out other methods.

OEM and Custom
All sorts of metals can be shaped via extrusion. Aluminum, however, is most commonly chosen because it’s highly flexible and machinable. Other types of metal, such as steel, are often too dense to extrude easily. The goal of extrusion is to produce simple or complex shapes using either OEM or customized dies – or tools used to cut and shape metal. Aluminum extrusion professionals can create tailored dies based on client’s unique specifications. Whether you need metal shapes for machining, or customized extruded bar for an architectural project, the right company can exceed your needs.

Why Opt for Extrusion?
In comparison to other types of metalworking, aluminum extrusion offers a number of cost-effective, time-saving perks. When completed by specialists, metal extrusion is a fairly quick process. Additionally, the dies used to cut and shape aluminum can be reused as many times as necessary. This eliminates the need for costly metal cutting tools – especially as dies are normally highly affordable. Aluminum itself also serves as a cost-effective part of the extrusion process, because its advantageous properties allow it to be recycled multiple times.

Get Your Moneys’ Worth
When you need aluminum extrusion services, it’s always a smart idea to rely on experienced professionals. Even if you’re looking for a standard die, you need the highest quality possible for a reasonable rate. Customized dies require additional steps to further personalize the finished product, such as adding mandrels or pins. Seasoned aluminum extruders are familiar with the needs of all sorts of clients, and can provide you with end-products that exceed each of your expectations. No matter how intricate your requirements may be, experienced extruders possess the tools and skill to deliver the most satisfying results.

Howard Precision Metals, Inc. delivers some of the industry’s best OEM and customized aluminum extrusion services. To find out more, visit Howardprecision.com.

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