Looking for green condos? NYC, look no further!

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Real Estate & Property

If you are in the market to buy a condo, you may want to consider buying one that was designed by a green developer. Green condos, as they are called, are built to meet specific requirements that are put in place by the city government in order to reduce energy expenditures and promote long-term human sustainability. Thus, these structures are better suited for living in for a number of reasons. In New York City, the government and developers alike have been working hard to produce energy efficient and LEED certified structures for nearly 7 years. You may be wondering what the benefit is to you? Aside from being connoted as a fashion trend these days, going green is smart for many reasons. Here is what you can expect to receive when buying a green condo, and why these features matter.

Green Condos: NYC housing characteristics

  • Equipped with a green roof (solar-powered), as well as natural water and air cooling systems
  • Green condos are more valuable in the market
  • Improved air quality and lower utility bills

A standard design feature that most green condos are equipped with is a solar-powered roof. In essence, the builders install solar panels on top of the roof, which takes in energy from the sun; this greatly reduces the energy costs that are incurred by the building as a whole, which may mean lower HOA fees on your end as a buyer. Green condos, NYC specifically, are often high-rises. This is beneficial because it allows the sunlight to reach the full surface area of the roof.

Condos that are infused with energy efficient designs are very valuable. They may be the hot item on the market today, but it is there long-term importance that makes a worthwhile investment. If you want to buy a home that is guaranteed to increase in equity, a green condo is an excellent choice.

Aside from the cost savings green condos provide to buyers and associations, the real benefit lies in what these energy efficient measures provide to homeowners. Given that these buildings also employ natural water and air cooling system, you can rest assured that your family will be living in a safe environment. Good air quality is something that can be hard to find in a city like New York City, and when you take into account how low the utility bills are in green condos, NYC development projects just make sense. Fortunately for buyers, there plenty of condos being built in the big city; however, they are selling very quickly. Do not hesitate to buy.

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