Long Bed Conversions of Ram Mega Cab Trucks Popular in Texas

People who own a Ram Mega Cab truck love their truck. They are roomy and comfortable for friends, family and work crews, and have tons of Ram power to get everyone where they are going with ease. But as much as Ram owners love their trucks, many wish they had a longer bed. The hauling of equipment and recreational toys is hampered by the short bed length and Dodge has chosen to not offer a longer bed to consumers. Those people who want a longer bed for their Ram truck do not have to go without. Many owners of short beds have had their vehicles converted into Mega Cab Long Bed trucks.

Owners of a Ram Mega Cab Long Bed in Texas will wonder why they didn’t act sooner. The increased length of the wheel base makes this great truck even more stable and provides an increase in cubic feet of hauling capacity. Recreational vehicles can fit in the bed instead of being towed behind and everyone’s camping equipment can be easily accommodated.

People who use their Ram Mega Cab Long Bed in Texas for the farm or ranch, for construction, landscaping or home improvement projects, will benefit by being able to more easily transport workers, equipment and supplies to a work site. Most supplies can now fit into the truck instead of being towed behind or delivered by another vehicle, increasing project costs and complications. A truck conversion is a customization and can be built to suit the needs of each customer, making your Ram Mega Cab a truck that best serves your needs.

Contact Precision Bodyline in Salt Lake City, UT for more information about Ram Mega Cab bed conversions. Conversion of a Ram Mega Cab takes only about 3 days to complete from start to finish. Most conversion customers plan a short getaway, enjoying the sights of Salt Lake City and the recreational activities of the area while the customization of their truck is completed. With over 500 conversions to their credit, they can quickly and efficiently complete your truck conversion in about three days with marvelous results.


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