Important Tips on Crack Repair in Wakefield MA

Crack repair for floors provides many homes and business premises with a second chance through the fixing of the flaws in the basement. The techniques used are determined by the location and size of the crack. Most of the cracks are caused by thermal movement, dry shrinkage plus a few other causes. The following are the steps to follow for your crack Repair in Wakefield MA.

1. Cleaning of the floor

Clean the floor of any oil or dirt. Use a grease-cutting cleaner where there is grease on the floor. This is crucial as it ensures that filler bonding of the cement is done properly.

2. Crack chiseling

Large pieces are eliminated using a hammer and a cold chisel. The chisel should be held at an angle and then pounded with the hammer so that large cracks are chiseled out. This step is known as “keying.” The process is an easy and effective way of bonding old cracks with a patching material.

3. Brush and Vacuum

Brushing and vacuuming are undertaken as a cleaning measure after the “keying” procedure that removes debris and dust. A whisk broom or other device is used to clean the work area after which proper vacuuming is done.

4. Spreading of the concrete patch

Cut off the nozzle of the concrete filler and then fill the cracks slowly. In the case of the concrete patch, mix it as per the guidelines and directions of the manufacturer. Carefully trowel the mixture into the cracks, allow it some minutes to settle, and then smooth the patch with a trowel.

5. Curing

The filler should be allowed to cure overnight, then checked to determine if there is any additional patching that might be required.

6. Sealing of the patch and concrete

The patching needs to be sealed off so that the concrete doesn’t absorb stains. Water-based polyurethane is the best sealant as it is heavy duty and it is easy to apply. A broom or brush should be used to apply the sealer in a roughly finished floor. Drycrete Waterproofing is a basement waterproofing contractor that has experience in a wide range of services including concrete crack repair. They are the ideal people to contact for your crack repair in Wakefield MA.

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