Laser Treatment for Spider Veins and Other Options

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Health

Courtesy of advances in medical science, there’s no reason for anyone to live with the appearance of spider veins. Whether they’re caused by heredity, hormones, pregnancy or simply aging, these unsightly veins are highly treatable. While laser treatment for spider veins is one popular option, it’s not the only one out there either. Before deciding on a course of action, it’s best to sit down with a physician who specializes in phlebology and fully discuss potential treatment options.

If laser treatment for spider veins is determined to be the best solution, there are a few things patients can anticipate. This treatment, like many others, is meant to decommission the affected vein so the pooled blood that creates the undesirable appearance goes away. Laser therapy is relatively painless and depending on the technique used will have very little recovery time. In some cases, patients will find they can resume regular activities on the same day as treatment.

Successfully treating spider veins by laser does call for a skilled physician. Be sure to carefully interview a doctor before deciding on one to perform the procedure. The best will make sure feeder veins are also treated when eliminating the appearance of spider veins is the desired result. If feeder veins aren’t also treated, the source of the initial problem will remain.

While laser treatment for spider veins is a highly viable option, a trained physician may also have other options at his or her disposal. One technique that can have very good results is sclerotherapy. This procedure calls for injecting a solution into the vein that is meant to close it off. When this happens, the vein is essentially taken out of commission, which removes the purplish appearance. Sclerotherapy is only offered by highly trained physicians, but is often preferred for spider vein treatment because it is very effective without being overly invasive.

When sclerotherapy is used instead of laser treatment for spider veins patients will find there are some compelling benefits. This procedure leaves no scars behind, isn’t associated with pain and doesn’t take very long to perform. It is also favored by some for the treatment of varicose veins because of its low recovery time. For more information on laser treatment for spider veins, visit Vein Specialty Medical Clinic Inc or add a review here:

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