3 Things that You Need to Know Before Cosigning a Bail Bond in Clayton County

It is late at night and you have just laid down to finally go to sleep when you get a phone call from the Clayton County police station. As it turns out, a friend is stuck in jail and needs your help paying for the bond. Before you head in to cosign that bail bond, there are a few things you need to know. Knowing these tips will help you immensely.

What a Bond Actually Means

Paying your friend’s bond does not release him or her from their responsibilities at court. A bond only serves as a guarantee that a defendant will appear at court at the appointed time. If your friend fails to appear in court on their date, they will be sent back to jail. A bonding company looks for security when signing bonds, so be sure that your friend is aware of the consequences of not showing up at court.


Be Aware of Extra Fees and Costs

Along with the Bail Bond in Clayton County, the court may assign extra court costs and fees. These fees add up and before you know it, you are paying more than you agreed to in the first place. It is a great contribution to help out a loved one or friend in need, but be aware of the little fees that a judge can tag onto the bond. Discuss these fees with your friend or loved one and come up with a plan for repayment.

It Takes Patience

Paying bond right away does not necessarily mean your friend or loved one will get out of jail right away. First, you have to file for a Bail Bond in Clayton County with a bonding company and the court. Then, you have to wait until you receive a call saying the bond has been posted. Bonds can take a considerable amount of time to process, so be patient and be available.

When it comes to bailing a friend or loved one out of jail, it can be a grueling process. It requires knowledge of your local courthouse’s rules and regulations on the bonding procedure. Just remain calm and know that you are helping a friend in need. If you have questions, call Free At Last Bail Bonds of Clayton County for more information.

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