Keratin Hair Extensions the Safer Option

Hair extensions are a very popular option for adding volume, length and helping to change a hairstyle. Using extensions is an easy way to get immediate results to enhance your hair but you should always ensure that you are protecting your natural hair from damage. One of the safest options for increasing volume and length are Keratin hair extensions.

What Makes Them Safer?
Extensions are installed using different methods. The most popular options for semi-permanent installation include:

  • Glue
  • Sewing (tie offs, weaving)
  • Fusion (with Keratin extensions)

Each option is used to secure the hair firmly in place but there is only one option that is completely safe for your hair. Keratin fusion! Extensions that are created with a Keratin tip are fused to the natural hair. Keratin fuses to the natural hair and swells when the hair is wet and shrinks when it is dry to reinforce the bond each time you wash your hair. Keratin is a protein that is good for your hair! Unlike glues and other bonding option there is no damage caused to the natural hair during installation or removal. Keratin harmlessly bonds with the hair and can be easily removed when it is time to remove the extensions.

High Quality Natural Hair
When you choose Keratin hair extensions that are crafted from 100% human hair the results are simply amazing. The hair blends naturally together so that the extensions are undetectable from the natural hair. You get beautiful results and the peace of mind knowing that you are not damaging your hair.

Longer Lasting
You can expect this type of extension (if you choose a high-quality extension) to last about 4 months and look great every single day. Extensions from La Crowne Premium Hair Extensions are the safer option for amazing looking hair!

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