It Can Be a Family Activity: Seeing the Dentist

For those of us who live in Austin, scheduling a time for our family to see the dentist may be a routine thing that we do, it may be something that we have to force ourselves to do, or it may be something that we’ve put off for a little too long. However, seeing the familydentist can actually become a family activity that provides the bedrock for a lifetime of great oral health.

As parents, most of us are all too familiar with the fact that our children are much more likely to imitate what we do than to do what we say. Sometimes this can have some fairly embarrassing consequences for the family. However, the fact that our kids want to be like us can also make trips to the dentist extremely easy. When children understand a trip to the dentist as something that the family does together, it takes away the idea that going to the dentist is some horrifying ordeal.

If a child sees that mom or dad readily sits down in the dentist’s chair, then the same child is much more likely to do so willingly. Think of all the things that you and your children do together as a family that have become second nature to you. You don’t give a second thought to sitting down to dinner together. In many families, everyone has a certain place where they sit in the living or family room whenever movies are watched together. Some children will even do chores more readily when they have seen their parents do them, too.

If going to the dentist becomes second nature in a family in the same way as dinner or movie watching, then attention to oral health likewise becomes a thing that the family simply does together. Kids who have seen their parents floss will floss. Children who regularly watch parents excuse themselves from the table to go brush their teeth will brush their teeth as a matter of course. If mom or dad has to have a cavity filled and heads to the dentist without it being a huge ordeal, then the child’s first cavity does not have to take on the significance of a world-class disaster.

If you would like to improve the dental health and attitude of your family, contact your Austin area familydentist today and schedule an appointment for everyone. The sake of your children’s oral health depends on it, and you will get the added benefit of improving yours at the same time. Going to the dentist may not be as high on everyone’s list as movie night, but it can still become a part of your family routine.


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