Issues That Require Tree Evaluations in Richmond, VA

Despite the fact trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, especially as they get older and bigger, they can also be extremely dangerous if they aren’t properly cared for. Even with proper care, one major storm can cause damage to the tree and put everyone in the area at risk. Learning why you should contact an arborist for tree evaluations in Richmond VA, will allow you to understand when you need help so you can reduce the risks.


Disease is often one of the leading causes of tree damage around your home. There are many tree diseases that can quickly deteriorate the condition of the tree, leading to a risk of fallen branches or even the entire tree falling over. If you notice anything that is out of the ordinary with your tree, such as late blooming or odd markings on the leaves, contact an arborist right away.

Broken Limbs

The limbs on a tree can be broken in many ways, including due to high winds in a storm or even misuse by people. If you notice a broken limb on your tree or one that looks like it could break at any moment, it is time for tree evaluations in Richmond, VA. The arborist will be able to determine why the damage occurred and can remove the limb to eliminate the danger that can result if it should fall.

Power Lines

If power lines run near your tree, there is a higher risk that the branches could become entangled in the wires and cause a wide variety of problems. While many cities will work hard to make sure trees stay trimmed back from the wires, this doesn’t always happen. If you see tree limbs that are growing too close to the power lines, contact an arborist to evaluate the issue and determine what the best course of action will be.

There are many reasons why you may need tree evaluations in Richmond, VA. Learning what to look for will ensure you are able to call an arborist before the problem becomes a real danger to your family or your home. Any signs that could indicate your tree has fallen victim to a disease, any broken limbs or it is growing too close to power lines are all issues that can best be resolved with a proper tree evaluation and subsequent treatment by a professional arborist.

To learn more about the various reasons to conduct tree evaluations in Richmond, VA, visit the R.L. Elliott Enterprises website or call 1-804-559-TREE.

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