Important Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Lawyer

When you find yourself in the situation where you need the assistance of a Personal Injury Lawyer In Corona in order to receive the compensation that you are entitled to in order to pay your medical bills, it is important to ask some questions before hiring a lawyer to represent you. Take the time to discuss the case and some options with your lawyer before signing any agreements with the lawyer. Some other things that you should consider discussing with a personal injury lawyer in Corona includes the background of the lawyer you are interested in, how the process of your case will go, any charges and fees the lawyer will assess you and payment methods available, and who exactly will handle all aspects of the case.


The first thing that you should discuss with your Personal Injury Lawyer In Corona is what qualifications they possess to assist you in this case. You can discuss any educational background along with past cases they have done to determine if they hold the correct expertise to work on your case. Also, take the time to ask if the lawyer has obtained all required licenses to practice in the chosen field; while most lawyers are great about this, there are some that may not be and you do not want to find that out in the courtroom.

The Process

Depending on the severity of the injury sustained and who all is involved in the case, personal injury cases can take a long time. Ask your lawyer about all the options available in your scenario and find out how to deal with any unwanted medical bills that are resulting due to the longevity of this case. You can also ask your personal injury lawyer in Corona for an estimate on how long the trial process will take.

Charges and Fees

Before proceeding with your personal injury case, it is important to discuss the payment terms with your lawyer. Will they charge you an upfront fee that you must pay no matter the outcome of the settlement or do they implement a system of only asking reimbursement when you have won the settlement. Determine the details ahead of time and also discuss if payment is due upfront or if payment plans are available.

Handling the Case

Sometimes there will be one lawyer who will talk to you in order to secure your business and another lawyer who will actually handle the details of your case. Make sure to talk directly to the lawyer in charge of your case in order to ensure that all information is correctly translated and handled and to prevent duplicate retelling of the incident.

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